Wood enthusiasts…

We love and cherish wood. Woodafix™ was born from quite a simple observation: many French people love wood, its warmth and the comfort it exudes. And yet wood struggles to find its place in our homes. Why? Because wood often means wood panelling that is complicated to install.

With Woodafix™, we remove this installation obstacle and really want to restore this natural material’s rightful place in our homes.

Our Nantes factory

Woodafix™ designs are the work of one our staff members based at our Rochefort site (17). Woodafix™ boards are printed at our factory at Rezé, a few kilometres from Nantes (44).

An ISB® Group concept

An innovative and responsible company, the ISB® Group is the leading French company of wood products and solutions for the home and construction.

For 50 years, it has invested in its industrial plant in France, innovating to offer products for building, fitting-out and decorating in all its forms.

Discover the ISB GROUP’s website

The ISB Group has 2 trademarks, each recognised in its particular sector :

  • Sinbpla® is the leading French company in the trading of boards, softwood, roofing timber and structural products.
  • Silverwood® is the leading French planed wood company : cladding, terraces, wall coverings

The Woodafix™ concept will naturally be supported by the Silverwood® brand, which specialises in home decoration products.