Easy to install wood !

Woodafix™ is an innovative system, accessible to all, for installing wooden boards easily and quickly, effortlessly and with a minimum of tools! Thanks to an ingenious concept and easy-to-use accessories, installation becomes child’s play. Proof is that you can install a Woodafix™ kit covering 2.4 m², in just 30 minutes. 

Yes, because Woodafix™ is available as a kit ! This means you will have everything you need, without having to buy additional tools or accessories.

Another advantage ! No more wallpaper sticking to your hands or applying masking tape before painting. With Woodafix™, there’s no preparation. Clear a space and install !

Ludovic and Laura have tested Woodafix™ for you !

After renovating their home, Ludovic and Laura wanted a natural material to decorate their bedroom. Their first thought was wood and were immediately seduced by Woodafix™. They chose to install the TROPIC decor as a headboard and match it with the MIDI decor as a wall decoration. Watch how easy it is to install Woodafix™ and admire the result !

Installation tutorial - Headboard
Installation tutorial - Wall decoration